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I receive this great question now and then, does goat milk soap expire?

Comments that have been received:

  • The soap has milk in it so it has to deteriorate over a period of time.
  • Goat milk soap has a shelf life between 1-6 months.
  • Goat milk soap softens as it ages.

In actuality, goat milk soaps age beautifully.   

A preservative is not needed in goat milk soap.  If the soap has been made properly, cured and then stored properly, it will not “go bad.” 

Moisture in soap does continue to evaporate after the initial curing period of 4-6 weeks, however, this does not mean it is no longer good for your skin.  In general, the soap will hold the same properties, except it will weigh less, regardless of how long it is in stock.  The soap will continue to harden over a period of time, which actually makes for a longer lasting bar.  I prefer to sell soap that has some age behind it, but demand takes first choice.

Regarding my discounted soaps:  Any soap that I sell that is not acceptable because it is too small, or the color or fragrance is not right, or if anything is wrong with the soap other than it not being safe (if it is not mild or mixed properly), is discounted and the description of the soap in my online store will say why it is discounted.  Age is not a factor in discounting soap, unless it simply does not sell.  For example:  Lily Of The Valley goat milk soap does not smell (to me) similar to Lily Of The Valley.  There is nothing wrong with the soap otherwise.  I found it difficult to accurately describe the floral scent, so I discounted the perfectly good goat milk soap.

Your questions are appreciated, and please keep them coming!

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