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Soy Candles 001

The votive candles and wax tarts that I make are crafted from eco-soy wax.

What is eco-soy wax?

Soy wax has gained popularity because it is an all natural wax, made from soybeans.  Eco-soy wax has natural botanical extracts added to help the wax retain shape, making it an ideal wax for pillar candles (and votives and wax tarts). 

Why is soy wax desirable?

My product motto is basic, and very much includes “as natural as possible.”  I did not want to make a candle or wax tart containing wax manufactured from petroleum.  And, because I want to see the American farms strengthen, I try to do my part in purchasing commodities that come from our farmers.

How do you know the soy wax is not imported?

Unless I buy directly from the manufacturer (not a supplier) I do not always know where the wax was made, however, I did do some homework on numbers.  The United States makes up a very large percentage of the soybean suppliers in the world.  And China (and other asian countries) have much difficulty getting soybeans shipped into their country.  I feel pretty safe in assuming eco-soy wax is mainly an American made product.

What other benefits does soy wax hold?

It has a lower melting point than petroleum based waxed.  This helps the wax to last longer when a candle is burned, and prevents sooting.  In my votives I use what is referred to as a “hollow wick,” meaning, it does not produce as much heat, which is perfect for a votive or a wax tart needing a lower melting point.

I hope you enjoyed this “ingredients article.”

The candles and wax tarts are not yet listed on my website’s store front.  They will be included in gift sets, and sold separately in the very near future (to be announced here).

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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