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If you are a regular reader of the Annie’s Goat Hill blog, you likely have heard me mention water problems.

Our well runs low.  It runs slow.  It runs mucky from time to time.

About a month ago I realized how my life has circled around the effort to conserve on water.

I set the timer on the washing machine for the middle of the night.  I wash dishes first thing in the morning.  Water for the animals comes first.  Everything else comes last, and I do mean everything.

The equipment is now in place.  They will be drilling for a new well within a few days. 

We have been told that this area is hit or miss for water.  I am going to think positive. 

This week has been a flurry of water shortages, and bad water problems that have affected faucets, the washing machine, pipes, you name it.  It does not affect my products because when water is required I use distilled water, thankfully.  What it does affect, however, is soapmaking.  When you cannot wash your equipment, you do not make soap.  That seldom occurs, but it has knocked at the door this week!

I’ll tell you a little “funny” that I will likely never forget.  We helped a friend who lives a mile away with a room addition a few summers ago.  They developed a large leak in their hose.  It sprayed up in the air like a large fountain.  It stayed that way the entire 2 weeks we assisted at their farm.  They never shut it off.  I was amazed that someone would have that much water, within such a close range of this area.  The image is forever stuck in my mind! Thou shalt not envy, right? Well, I envied!

Have a beautiful day!

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