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As we had announced, the publish date of our new website was to be 10/9/2011 (on the 3rd anniversary of our current website).

Little technical bumps in the road have occurred, amounting to a short delay.  The new website will be happening, TBA (to be announced)!

Until then, we’ll keep on doing what we are keeping-on-doing!


Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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Annie's Goat Hill Handcrafted Soap Website

Annie's Goat Hill Handcrafted Soap Website

 My website is easy to navigate, but you just never know when a little help might be needed.  

I have a site map.  The link to the site map is included on my main navigation bars, found at the top and bottom of each web page.  The site map is an outline of the website’s pages.  If you are in need of information on my site, try the site map as a starting point.

The goat milk soap store lists up to 100 products available.  The items are automatically categorized in alphabetical order starting with soap, gift sets, lotion, and discounted products.   To find a particular category, use the category drop down menu to select a category.  All of the products available within that category will be displayed.  If you are looking for a particular scent or ingredient, the store also has a search box.  For example, search for lavender.  Every product containing lavender will be displayed.  I never list products that are not in stock.   

The website also includes a news page, which I keep updated whenever prices, items or company policies change.  For example, when I created the “Y” A Sale?  (discount) section in the soap store, I explained “why a sale” on the website’s news page (and on my blog).

Speaking of news, there is a button to sign up for my newsletter on the index page.   I generally make announcements via the newsletter first, then (if needed) I announce the information on this blog, then (if needed) I update the news page on the website. 

If you want to contact me, there is a contact us page on the website.  And, there is an About page on this blog as well that has a contact link.  Email is something many of my clients have learned to treasure as a communication tool directly with me. 

For those of you considering a website.  It is a big, big job! It must be maintained and updated regularly.  I have a long list of link backs and other information to update.  Remember this, a good website is never done! If you say the words “it is complete,” unless you plan to ignore your website, it is never finished!

Has this post been helpful? Can I cover anything else for you?

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