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Bascal Italy Aluminum Glasses

These poor items collected some dust! They were sitting in a vintage Coca Cola crate in the corner of my dining room. 

1950’s aluminum glasses bring back a lot of memories.  Memories of my childhood, my grandmother’s kitchen.

Grandmother had very few kitchen cabinets.  They were white metal cabinets, with one large shelf that ran above her kitchen sink.  On that shelf was a set of 8 aluminum glasses, all stamped Bascal, Italy, very much like the ones that I have.  Grandmother’s glasses were in perfect condition, mine are a little worn (picked up piece by piece in antique shops). 

I just saw a set of 6 Bascal, Italy aluminum glasses online, $98.00.  Oh boy…I would love to have them! Bright purple, blue, green, silver, red, orange, gold and pink!

My memory takes me back to the front yard where grandmother served homemade lemonade out of a Bascal pitcher.  Oh, how nice those aluminum glasses were to a child on a hot summer day, filled with ice and lemonade.  And to visit on the front porch of the house, or under the trees in the yard.  Of course, we sat in metal lawn chairs.  I think they might have been called fan chairs.  My brother and I would count the train cars as they passed (down hill from the house).  The town was a stop for the trains.  My grandfather retired from Cottonbelt many years ago.  He snuck me on a train once, drove down the tracks about 100 feet.  He said to me, “I am not supposed to be doing this!” Wow, the power under my feet in that engine, and we were only inching along!!

Some of my fondest memories come from grandma’s kitchen.  Here was a lady named Minnie.  Her little body matched that name.  Her perfectly starched house dresses, full aprons, hair pinned up, and tiny wire rimmed glasses all fit to a tee.  And her kitchen was her kitchen! From the pink tiles, to the green formica topped table with chrome legs.  Nothing was fancy, but all was memorable.  And in the oven was her wonderful cheese and macaroni.  One the side cabinet were cakes and pies.  Always something to put the weight on the bones (except her tiny frame).

When grandpa hung around the kitchen too much, grandma would let  him know, “Get out of my kitchen, George!” That was the only time I would hear my grandmother’s voice go into a serious note!

Wonderful memories…and aluminum glasses.  Makes me sad, happy, and blessed to have the memories that I do.

Have a beautiful day!

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