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Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) absolute, if you have not smelled it, is sweet, somewhat spicy, rich and tenacious.

I have totally fallen in love with Tuberose absolute.  Hands down.  I have been working quite a bit with it, blending with Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.  I could nearly drop Tuberose into a base oil and call it a perfume by itself, but I won’t.

My goal is to include Tuberose in a blend that I will call my signature scent.  These things take time, patience and practice.  I am working on all of the above.

A little background:  Tuberose is generally not recommended for aromatherapy use, but is recommended as an exotic addition to natural perfume.   It is considered a heart (middle) note in a perfume blend.  Tuberose is a native of Central America, where it is found growing wild.  Oh…how I would love that!

I haven’t researched this, but it is also my understanding that tuberose is used in some confectionaries and beverages.  I am in love with Lavender and Chamomile tea, I may have to check into the prospect of Tuberose too.

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