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Goats cannot fend for themselves when they are tethered (collared and tied) to a fence post or tree.

Goats are prey to wild animals, such as coyotes.

If you must tether a goat, only do so when a livestock guard animal is present, and only tether for short periods of time, making sure the goat is supervised.

Always provide shelter and fresh water.  Goats easily “go down” with pneumonia and other diseases when they are exposed to wet and cold conditions with no means to get out of the weather.  Stress is very difficult on goats.

Goats are wonderful weed-eaters, they truly clean up grassy and weed infested areas with gusto…but please, please, please, protect their lives.  Their only defense to prey is to head butt and run.

Please pass the word along – tether responsibly (or not at all).

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