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Tarts and Candles 002I cannot say this enough.  I have always loved fragrance, but I am not sure I have said how much I love color.

My home is filled with muted colors such as greens (my kitchen is a muted olive green), cranberry, and tan hues.  I have a starters collection of Fiesta dishes (some antique, some new straight out of the box).  Again, beautiful greens, dark reds, blues, and golds.

I took art classes through my high school career.  When the teacher asked for something creative, I sculpted a huge tooth.  A tooth? Well, I liked it.  I did a lot of  “wow man” posters too.  A lot of bright color involved.  I loved the mosaics, and one day, I just have to try my hand at stained glass!

As I grew older I wanted to paint with oils.  I tried oils and watercolors, no real talent erupted from that endeavor. 

I have painted a small bit on country type of wood pieces, using the small bottles of craft paint.  Loved it.  Mixed colors, loved it.  In fact, I have a string of hearts and stars, painted in a rustic manner, hung across my kitchen curtains.

What am I getting at? I am mixing and matching candle dye now.  I am so excited, no matter how tired I am I find myself experimenting.  I experimented with colorants in the soaps, and I still use some, but I like it more in the candles.  The soaps can have other skin-loving creativity added, we will keep most of the color ideas for the hot wax!

The scents today are lilac, yuzu, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, and cherries &  berries (to match the sister soap).  And the colors are much more muted.  I like them, especially the periwinkle blue (which was going to be lilac, but love the outcome).

I need to pick up a few new fragrances.  Essential oils are not usually a good mix with candles.  I need to find good matches to some of my favorite essential oils.  Lavender will be a lovely candle!

Kathy, I thank you for your gift set idea.  I am rolling around with some thoughts very similar to what you suggested.  Kathy has recently made some beautiful bottles of infused lavender oil, you need to visit her blog today, Spot On Cedar Pond, to see how beautiful they are!

Back to thinking about candles and packaging…

Have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon!

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Tarts and Candles 002

It is Monday, the day of the week I have assigned to writing about a specific product.

Today I am showcasing a few products that have not yet hit the website, wax tarts and candles. 

I began working on these products last Thursday.  At first the colors jumped out at me, like BING.  Bright, wow.  But today when I stepped back in and took a look at them, they are rather pretty.

The scents are Summer Melon, Pina Colada, Ocean Beeze, Shortbread, and Mango. 

I have used wax tarts for years.  I have a couple of electric tart warmers around my home.  I like using electric warmers because there is no open flame involved.  And another benefit is I can pop the wax out of the warmer after I use it, put the wax in a baggie and re-use it at a later date.  I then can melt another wax tart fragrance.  Like soaps, I guess I have an addiction to fragrances.

I also chose to begin my testing and making of candles with votives.  I love the small votive cups.  I can burn one of my votives for 18-21 hours (or longer) in a proper votive cup, with proper care.  I feel rather safe using these as well.  I always place them on a surface that is non-flammable, like a stove top.  I never place them below a curtain, fabric, or a wooden shelf or cabinet, etc… .  And I never leave a candle unattended.

I will also be making glass jar candles.  I have not decided on jelly jars or the larger jars made specifically for candles.  I just do not know yet!

I can tell you this, the candles in the photograph are made from very fine quality soy wax.   The candles are fragranced at the maximum allowable percentage.  And they contain dyes made specifically for candles, safety in mind as well.  The wicks are also made of quality materials (lead free). 

My focus will be quality (ecologically happy wax, scent, burn time, and the suppliers reports of saftey tested materials).

I would love to hear your comments, concerns, questions, etc… ! Bring them on, you are a BIG help to me!

Candles have never been far from my mind.  I tried them once, back in 2004 when I started making soap.  I threw some together, never tried to sell them, but now I think the time is right.  Sell the tarts and candles individually perhaps, but more than likely in gift sets.  An Ocean Breeze gift set…mmm. 

I used to shop 3 or 4 times a year in a very small artist colony/resort town in Indiana.  I parked my car in a specific spot and had my foot trip through town very well planned out.  First I hit up the perfume shop.  They made perfumes to order, better than those in the department stores.  Next would be the herbal shop where I bought my handcrafted rustic soaps.  By this time I was wearing myself out with the excitement of what was in my shopping bags! Next were the candle shops.  Always some handcrafted potpourri (messy stuff) and candles.  I guess scent has always been something I love!

Have a beautiful Monday!

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