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As you sift through the daily list of things to do, do you find yourself wanting to set the work aside? Do you vision yourself pushing away from the computer? Could you possibly be so bold to consider turning off the cell phone?

We are definitely a world full of list makers.  Lists that guide us through each and every day.

As elaborate and carefully put together our lists are, some of us are better than others at working a balance into our lives.

Is balance in life important? 

Busyness in life does not segregate itself into a few of life’s roles.  Power to the homemaker that has learned to say “no.”  By example, perhaps she can help the business owner that feels he nearly needs to work around the clock.  And what about the woman that reports to the corporate job each day? She drags herself to the laptop, even working from home on the days she is too sick to travel to the office. 

We can block off the calendar to show others that we are not available during a certain period of time, to ensure we get work done in our office, can we do the same for our personal lives? 

Some say their minds are healthier, they accomplish more when they simply say, “Enough is enough.”  Does shutting the work day down lead to procrastination? Or does it lead to a fresh start, accomplishments that abound once we return to work?

I know, some of these questions are “no-brainers.”  But we do not always listen to our brains, we ignore our wills, even though they are screaming out to us, “Stop this ride!”

At what point do you “stop the ride?”

Do you take charge and pull the brake?

Do you come to a screeching halt, just when you cannot possibly take it any longer? Or do you plan for a smooth stop?

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