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I shipped a tub of organic whipped shea butter this week to a customer.  As I slid the package over the counter to the clerk at the post office my thoughts were, “Thank goodness this is not the heat of the summer.  The product would melt and lost its consistency.” 

With the changing of the season, it is a good time to re-cap the importance of proper storage of a natural skin care product.

  • Do not store natural skin care products in a hot environment, such as in your vehicle.  The products will heat excessively and the natural consistency will change and/or be destroyed. 
  • Keep natural soap high and dry…out of standing water.  A bathroom does become humid, and most of the soaps that I make hold up to a lot of moisture, however, sitting in a puddle of water does eventually soften the soap causing it to not last as long as it should.
  • When storing natural products for any length of time, the optimal environment is cool (or room temperature) and as dry as possible.
  • My lotions come with a “best used by” date of one year from date of purchase.  Do not mix my lotions with other products, as this will destroy the limitations to the preservative.  Definitely do not heat the product or add water to thin it down.

These are simple steps to ensure the natural products you invest in remain good to “the last drop.”

Have a beautiful day!

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