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The melting of the 20+ inches of accumulated snow has begun.

I could see a blue tinge to the early morning sky at 6:30 A.M., I knew sunshine was to follow.  It did.

Now the beautiful bright sun is gone.  It sure was pretty and uplifting while it lasted.

Now that the thaw has begun the icicles are growing like crazy.  We are going to have to knock some of them down.  Problem is, this old house has some dangerous areas.  When snow and ice melts, everything tends to run down the roof to the old concrete patio (where I took the photo), and down the sloped yard.  This old house, I lovingly refer to, has had several additions, several with different roof angles.  Every piece of ground goes downhill except for a small patch of driveway next to the house.  I think we need guardrails!

Melt, freeze, and melt again.  Repeat.

I had a handful of goat kids born during the snow storms.  Some are in the barn.  Some are in the house.  Two that were born during one of the coldest mornings, two out of a set of triplets, were near death.

My newborn kid revivial system will be posted in the next blog post.   It might help someone in the future with a very chilled newborn goat kid.

Other than loads of snow, ice, and newborn goat kids, there isn’t a lot of new news.  I have been busy.  Which is nothing new.  As I said once before, it will not be long before I will seek help. 

I represent the simple life.   I also need to ensure I keep it as simple as possible, or I’ll be boggled to the point nothing functions correctly.  Then what good would that do for Annie’s Goat Hill?

How are you doing this winter? Thawing out? Ready for the spring garden?

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