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Soap Scales

It was a break from soap making that I did not ask for, but it was productive.

The electronic scales that I used to weigh soaps, lotions, and shipments started acting up about 2 weeks ago.   The same day that I ordered the new scale my old unit quit working altogether.

As I waited for the new scale to arrive I was able to ship packages.  You would have loved to have seen what I did.  I used an old manual food scale that I had in the kitchen.  I calibrated it to a can of green beans.  Well, it worked!

I could not make lotion, and thankfully did not receive any lotion orders until mid-last week.  The one lotion customer was patient enough to want to wait for fresh goat milk lotion. 

What I did during my down time was contemplate where I want to go next with products, the business, and mainly the soaps.  I  planned autumn soaps.  I am pleased.

For those of you that make soap and other products, this scale is terrific.  I choose this model because it weighs in increments of .001 ounces, instead of .01.  The only problem with this unit is, even though the weight can be tared out, you must break everything down into smaller containers or pieces if your soap batches weigh more than 5 lbs (mine do).

I am excited to be back in production, and doubly excited to have some fall soaps planned.  It may be 90 degrees outside, but us northerner’s know, fall will be here in a blink of the eye!

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