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Paring down the herd has been a process.

I pared down in three steps and wrote several blogs posts along the way.  The first post, Selling Goats – How I Changed My Business Mindset, was a collection of my farm and business thoughts geared towards keeping manageable numbers.   I wrote the second post, Pruning- It Isn’t So Easy, after I realized that selling the goats was more difficult than I had originally thought.

Very recently, not long after I published the third blog post, I realized that I needed to pare down the herd even more.  I am so elated to be able to say that no sadness rolled over me when I made the decision to sell.  I was determined.  I knew the end result that I wanted.   I just did it.

We are now down to our original goat herd.  Some of the older gals on our farm are in retirement.  We own a few boer goats that will be bred occasionally.  We have six dairy goats that will bred to keep the girls in milk for Annie’s Goat Hill milk-based products.

We are now purposely breeding for a warmer kidding season.  Gone are the days of kids born in sub-freezing temperatures.  Gone are the days of a barn full of kids.  We are breeding only for exact needs.

Just a few mornings ago, the day after the last sold goats left our farm, new kids were born.  Ask me if I smiled.  Babies (purposely) born in May.  It is warm.  The kids are healthy.   I am totally enjoying the newest dairy youngsters!

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