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As a small business owner I reflect on lessons learned as very valuable experiences.  

Sharing some of my communication-related lessons from 2009:

  • I published a blog post about shipping fees.  After comments and questions arrived I realized what I had communicated was nearly free shipping! Lesson in communication, when writing involves a monetary change, it is good practice to run the article by another set of eyes before publishing.
  • Several customers asked if pricing in my website store was based on one bar of soap or three (I normally photograph 3 bars).  After several questions were asked, I made changes to the written description.  Again, listen to what is being said or questioned, and if it has been said (or asked) more than once, evaluate. 
  • A blog post that is too wordy, with very long paragraphs, tends to glaze the reader’s eyes.  The reality is, many of us are scanners (not readers).  After reading several writing-style articles, and realizing that I am a scanner with little time (with a craving for content), I learned to keep posts much shorter and to the point.
  • After reading an article published by Copyblogger I recognized a problem in my writing style.  To reflect confidence, leave out words such as (I might, I should, I think I will).  Replace those words with (I am, I have, I will, and I do).  Write in a way that reflects committment and confidence!

Many of the blessings in life include learning, growing, and realizing we do not live in a box.  We can continue to grow throughout our lives.  We can study.  We can listen.  We can look at the world as a child does with an open mind, but carry our beautifully earned package of wisdom with us to make sure we walk our life journey with careful steps.  We can also put fears aside, knowing we will not grow unless we let go of the invisible boundaries.

I hope you are enjoying my 2009 reflections.  My intentions are to help someone else (as others have done for me) with my own confessions of learning!

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