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Years ago, as new goat farmer, and as an owner of a business, I nearly toppled over with the desire to soak up as much information as I could.  The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. There was (and is) passion and vitality behind all of that!

This week’s Handmade Chat hit a home run with me.  Based on the strong momentum on the chat floor, as we discussed books throughout the hour, I was not the only person in attendance that was ready to run out to the library, or to the book store, to pick up a major list of new books!

Thank you Alyssa Middleton of @highwireinheels, for leading the wonderful chat!

Need I say more?

Here is a small sample from the chat:

How do you have the time to read when running a business?

  • @highwireinheels Even reading for 30 minutes, can help start your day right & give new ideas to think about/implement.
  • @INDIEassist This is a huge challenge. It needs to go into your Google calendar with everything else. Respect your own time!

The entire chat flowed with book recommendations and tips, too many to list here, like this one:

The transcript from the chat can be downloaded here.  If you are looking for a list of excellent books for a small business entrepreneur, start with printing the transcript!

I will lead next week’s #Handmade Chat, Thursday, 8/9/2012, at 8 p.m. ET, How To Manage Unhappy Customers.

We, the Handmade Chat team, look forward to seeing you there!

Mary Humphrey


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I love a good Twitter chat! The scoop is a person can learn so much valuable information and make fantastic business and personal connections while participating in the chats.

I am thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Indie Business Handmade Chat which was designed for people who make and sell handmade products, and for retailers who like to carry handmade products in their locations.  The chat schedule is as follows for June:

Thursdays 8 to 8:30pm EST
6/7 – La Shonda Tyree (@soapcoach) – How To Make Money Teaching DIY Classes
6/14 – Mary Humphrey (@anniesgoathill) – How To Use Milk In Handmade Soap
6/21 – Alyssa Middleton (@bathbodyacademy) – How To Approach Retail Stores To Buy Your Products
6/28 – Melissa Rivera (@natgoodsoaps) – How To Use Herbs And Natural Colors In Handmade Soap

For more detailed information about the #HandmadeChat topics and the fantastic small business owners leading the chats, check out the Indie Business Blog.



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