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Whoosh…and 2011 goes away!

I do not set resolutions when a new year arrives.  Life itself is a work in progress.  The world constantly changes.  I am a fan of setting personal goals, and even re-setting goals through the year (because nothing remains the same for long).

I have been reading many year-end reviews, and articles about new year’s resolutions, all of which made me think of a wish list rather than a resolution list.

Several articles I read discussed not growing old gracefully.  Dye your hair.  Wear more make-up.  Benefit from plastic surgery.  My opinion, all of those things really are a personal choice.  Allowing the beauty of gray does not make or break a person, nor the professional’s profile.  Using less make-up does not either.  Personally, I see beauty in the eyes.  I see beauty in the hair.  My opinion, love people for what they are, outside of the personna of “perfect.”  If you want to change or improve how you look, more power to you.  If you want to go natural, age gracefully, whatever it may be, more power to you too! My wish –  see beyond the physical exterior.

I hope (wish) for people to realize that they have potential.  I cannot think of a single person that cannot do what they put their mind to doing.   An individual may not have been born to be the next multi-millionaire, and success does not arrive without much digging in the trenches – low and behold (!), but everyone is born to be successful and happy at whatever they love and hold talent to.   My wish – seek out what you want to do in life, make it work for you!

In most recent years, fewer people survive without side-jobs (or the ownership of small businesses), trying to make ends meet (paying for gasoline and purchasing the ever-rising groceries).  I urge folks to continue to purchase local, not from the big guns, pay a few extra cents if you can.  Buy small, it does make a difference.  The bottom dollar pays for the needs of a family, instead of lining the already wealthy person’s pockets sitting in the big office suite.  My wish – support small businesses with every cent that you can!

So, there’s my wish list for everyone.

Was 2011 a good year? It was on my end of the world.  I feel like a much wiser person coming out.  Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps grew once again.  New relationships formed.  New opportunties opened.  Is it more tough on the home-front? You bet it is.  But the fight is on!

2012 is going to be a great year.  I welcome it.  New Year’s Day is another date, merely a number, but it is also a marker for hope – for everyone!

What are your plans for 2012? Do you set resolutions for new years?

By the way…Happy New Year!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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