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As if on a sandy beach, we leave our footprints.  Footprints that can go away quickly, as swift as the wind blows. 

To leave more permanent footprints we must find more stable ground, with footing on materials that solidly hold an impression.

My husband and I have been busy with both of our business’s.  As I worked into the 18th hour one evening last week I realized that I was going to have to shut down to be productive.  I also realized that credibility was going to sink if I did not get rest.  Credibility is important with our network of customers and contractors.  Credibility – set on firm ground.

As grains of sand flow through our fingers, so does time.  And then, as time flows, we realize that most everything is small stuff.  Everything except the root of human contact.  The contact that makes a difference in each of our lives. 

I found the comparison of grains of sand to be grounding.  Just what do we want to say about ourselves when the grains run out? We worked hard every day.  Not good.  We worked hard every day to make a difference in life, and lives.  Yes! There is the solid footing I am looking for.  How about you?

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