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Have you ever requested a free sample of a product?

I have not, however, as a business owner I am asked for a free sample from time to time.

A free sample is not so free to a micro or small business owner.  This is why:

  • sample packaging .05
  • sample labels .05
  • sample shipping 2.50
  • sample soap 1.25
  • sample shipping envelope .35
  • sample labor dedicated towards selecting, packaging, and shipping one free item 2.00

Total sample cost:  $6.20


I totally understand why a consumer would be interested in a free sample.  I would too!

If at least one item is ordered from our online store, always feel free to request an accompanied sample of a product you might want to try.  If a sample is available, we will ship one with your order.

Just yesterday, a long-time customer of Annie’s Goat Hill ordered several bars of soap.  He did not ask for it, but he is receiving a sample of a soap that I think he will like (based on his ordering history).

Samples do happen when the costs are shared or covered.  As a business, we cannot afford to ship true “free” samples.

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – where you can Smell and Feel the Goodness! 

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