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goat milk soap

Sometimes we receive reminders in excellent ways.

A few days ago a much appreciated customer, Karen J., sent an email asking several questions, one of which was, “Is the 5-bar soap special still available?”

Red flags went up in my mind, boing!

I dropped everything on my agenda and headed straight to my website.  The first product in my online store is normally the 5-bar soap special.  It was not there.  The product was gone from my maintenance screens as well.  The 5-bar special seemed to have vanished, but I knew it would not have left on its own accord.

As I traced my steps I remembered updating the wording on the product after a customer commented on some confusion.  Obviously, after I changed the wording I hit delete instead of save.

I was confident in the changed wording.  I felt I didn’t need to look at the newly (re)published website.  Why look? I had only changed a few words.


Lessons in paying attention – don’t take things for granted.  Stop.  Take time.  Read.  Look.  Keep the eyes open.  Don’t assume.  You know what they say about assuming? Okay, I won’t repeat that old saying.

Thank you to my customers that are not shy about contacting me.  You make my day! Seriously, ask, tell me, and let me hear what you have to say.  Always!

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