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For my soap and cosmetic maker friends that do not have one of these handy tools, a pail opener, I am blogging this for you.

We purchased our very handy pail opener at a restaurant supply house a decade ago.  I wouldn’t be without it!

How to use the pail opener:

  • When you receive a new 50-lb bucket (or similar large size) you must first pull off the perforated strip of plastic located around the bottom perimeter of the lid. This can be done by hand.  The strip acts as a heavy-duty safety seal on the bucket.

  • Around the perimeter of the lid are perforations for holes, spaced about 4″ apart.  To cut a hole, place the prong (prong located next to the word cut on the opener) under one of the hole perforations.   Pull the handle outwards and downwards (away from the bucket).  Continue working your way around the pail until all of the holes have been opened.

  • Place the flat prong (located next to the word lift on the opener) under the pail edge.  Pull outwards and downwards (away from the bucket).  Repeat every 4-6″ until the lid is released.

Save your hands, don’t “leave home” without one of these gadgets!

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