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We disappeared yesterday, went M.I.A. (missing in action).  It was the first time we had taken a day off from work, on a workday, for well over a year!

We had a blast.  We rode our bikes.  They are now very dusty.  We ended up on a detour due to a closed road.  We rode over hills, on gravel, on partially paved roads, in the woods, and waved at Amish children along the way.  Adams County Ohio has some unbelievable scenery and back roads.  I will be doing it all again!

I shot the video below as an experiment, to see how it uploads to my blog (how it looks and sounds).  Now that I watch it, it seems rather comical.  I spoke rather slowly, so giggle if you want to! The virgin video…tee hee! We attended several festivals yesterday, the first (where the video was shot, in the barn) The Old Tyme Herb Festival.  We also attended the Appalachian Artisan’s Festival.

As I stood in the aisle of the barn, enthused by all of the people that I had met, enthused by the items in the barn (I am in love with OLD)! I didn’t care who listened to me or saw me talking to a video camera, funny! Enjoy!

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