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About 6 weeks ago my husband and I started a weight loss program. 

I will not bore you with all of the details of our weight loss plan, but I will tell you we integrated less calories (no seconds at meals) with a focus on whole grains, little (to no) white flour/potatoes/sugar, and a diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Is it working? Yes.  Is it difficult? One huge YES!!!!

My slips and slides, spikes of insulin, have lessened, but now the cravings have returned.  It has brought me to comparing the weight loss endeavor to life itself.

How do we stick with a plan? We focus on the horizon.

Small business owners go through ups and downs while growing their businesses.  Is their product what they want it to be? Are their customers really happy? One day it feels right, the next day it feels all wrong.  It is a natural part of doing business, but, without an eye on the horizon, without the steadfast walk towards the goal, it could be a matter of crash and burn.

Weight loss is no different.  Like the carrot dangling in front of the rabbit in the race, if the picture that we want to create of ourselves (a healthier body, or a smaller size) is not retained as a goal, we will eventually give in to our cravings and weight loss will be thrown to the way-side.

Life is full of frustrations, side-tracks, and little lies that tell us that doing what is right is just too difficult.  Na-da!

Keep your eye on the horizon.  Keep your eye on the goal.  Don’t look to the right, nor to the left.  Look where you want to go. 

I believe, do you?

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