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A common question that I receive is:  Why is there a difference in scent from one batch of soap to another, or between any product containing a natural essence? The word natural frames the answer.

Each batch of essential oil, concrete, or absolute can smell slightly different based upon several conditions, mainly, where the plants were harvested and when the plants were harvested. In addition, some essential oils continue to mature (better) with age, such as rosemary.  A rosemary essential oil distilled from plants harvested in France will smell different than those that were harvested in Morocco.  An aromatherapist, for example, that depends upon not only scent, but also the physical properties of an essence, will purchase oils when harvested from only the “recommended” regions.

When a product contains man-made fragrance, or even speaking of the fragrance itself, the lasting power and strength of the scent is chemically controlled and perfected, which is impossible with a natural essence.

Always store natural essences in a cool, dark area, in glass bottles that are also dark in color. Some professionals keep their essences in the refrigerator, and some store only their citrus based essences in the refrigerator. The bottom line is, better storage, longer lasting oils!

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