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Natrural Facial Creams

This is what I have been concentrating on, facial creams. 

What you are seeing in jars are a variation of cream try-outs.  I am looking for a whipped cream consistency, not too thick, not too heavy.

When a cream or lotion is created, it should be created for the skin type and needs of the person that will use the product.  In this case, I am creating a product for mature skin.  I use botanicals, essential oils, and ingredients that are known to help with skin rejuvenation such as antioxidants, moisturizers, and humectants.

Why am I starting with mature skin? Skin fitness, my own. 

I created a skin serum in February 2010 that I have been very happy with.  I roll it onto my skin diligently twice a day, and yes, I did see results.   The serum will be available in my online store very soon.  But, I also enjoy using a cream late-night, as I suspect others do as well.  So the brain went into action.  As my husband says, she “put the little chemist hat on.”

Trial one began a few weeks ago.  The result is a cream that is beautiful to look at.  And it definitely is moisturizing, but it leaves a waxy feel.  Not good.

Trial two, today, too thin.  Lovely and refreshing on the skin, but it runs around in the jar, despite the beautiful creamy look to the product. 

Trial three, today, exactly right.  Light, yet thick enough to not move from side to side in the jar.  Thin enough to place the product in a dispenser where fingers will never touch the cream. 

Now I wait.  Creams and lotions will continue to thicken within the first 72 hours.

My carefully laid out notes, with each trial, began with research.  I researched the natural ingredients, matching them to skin types.  Essential oils and botanicals, all plant derived, are amazing.  I researched the preservative, the one and only part of a cream that will not be natural.  I researched the emulsifier (the ingredient that binds water to oil), to ensure it was as natural as possible, yet, gave the cream body without a heavy drag. 

How long have I been working on the formula? Off and on for 3 months. 

Patience is key.

And I am the lucky recipient of the trial products.  I have sensitive skin, but have not had a reaction to the creams or serums as of yet.  As I tell my clients, test the products on a small patch of your skin to ensure you have no reaction.  Even though a product is marked all natural, it does not necessarily mean it is not going to cause a skin reaction. 

A natural product that contains citrus oils, for example, can cause your skin to be extra photosensitive (be cautious with sunlight exposure).  There are also known allergies.  For example, if you have hay-fever, you may have a problem with a chamomile essential oil. 

Have fun, enjoy…and if you have any questions, please let me know.

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