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In the half-light, I looked out the window and saw large pieces of white paper strewn about across the back lot. There is no trash here, not a speck. How did that happen?

Last night, as made one last round  through the house, I thought the crickets were chirping louder than normal. Was there a window open? I checked the window seals. No, they were shut.

This morning, as I let the scampering eager dogs out the door, I saw a large green grasshopper (those giant “bugs” that used to scare me as a child) sitting happily next to the mop I laid out yesterday to dry. Good morning, Mr. Grasshopper. Welcome to the beautiful morning that we share!

Then, as the sun continued to rise, I saw what caused the strewing about of paper. Beautiful spider webs, strung from blade to blade, covered with morning dew. Nature made its own form of art…no paper involved.

It truly is a blessing to see the little things.


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