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Celebrating entrepreneurship and small business together, through the series The Creative Entrepreneur.

I am thrilled to feature Annie Haven, owner of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew.

Today’s market is very focused on natural, handmade, and local. Annie’s Haven Brand products are all of that, including local. But going beyond local, Annie helps to make our world a more green and beautiful place as she sells to customers around the world.

The Authentic Haven Natural Brew online store is located at www.manuretea.com. , where you will find Haven’s Natural Brew Tea for house plants, container plants, vegetable gardens, shrubs, and lawns.  Annie’s words from the FAQ’s page on her site, “The benefits of using manure tea for watering your plants are significant over using chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are dangerous for your plant’s health, not to mention your family’s health. Begin growing green by learning about the benefits of using manure tea.”

Now, for the interview:

What encouraged you to start your business?
We have supplied large growers with the by-product of our grass fed livestock to nourish their soil naturally since 1924. As development moved into our area a new customer emerged, the environmentally conscious home gardener.
What has been the most rewarding thing about your business?
Meeting gardeners and growers in the plant industry and introducing manure tea as an all natural nutrient soil source and sharing the benefits that manure tea has to offer.
As a small business owner, no doubt you encounter stress, what is your number one stress relief tactic?
Spending time in my pastures with my livestock, there is just something soothing about it for me.
(Annie, I totally understand and appreciate this!)
What has been your greatest business achievement so far?
Using Social Media to meet, share and communicate with my customers both Retail and Wholesale.  Since Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is harvested from only Haven raised livestock, it’s processed and packaged here at the ranch. I just can’t shut the gate and leave to attend industry related events. So Social Media has allowed me the ability to connect one on one with my customers as well as participate in Garden Shows, Trade Shows, etc… .
Is there any one thing you find difficult about operating a small business? If yes, how do you work around that difficulty?
It’s hard for all Independent Businesses to be heard over Commercial Advertising so it is important to be up front about your product and be creative.
What one piece of advice would you give to a person wanting to start a small business?
Understand your product or service demographic and build a goal oriented business plan.  Be prepared to be flexible!
What is the most important tip that you can give as a “key to success”?
Be accessible to your customers, stand behind your product or service, answer e-mail in a timely manner. Build a Social Media Network to connect and share your products or service.
(This is exactly where I found Annie years ago – social media! She sets a perfect example of social media sharing and connecting. She is very consistent in setting the tone for her brand and products.)
On both a short and long term basis, what do you foresee for your small business?
It is my goal to continue my family legacy of Farming and Ranching Naturally and to bring awareness to the benefits of feeding our 100% natural nutrients to the world of home gardening and to the commercial plant industry.
Do you have any additional tips or words of wisdom?
Know that all plans change.
Don’t give up or get discouraged if you run into a few closed doors.
Thank you, Annie!
Visit the Authentic Haven Brand site, and sign up for the Manure Tea, Green Approach newsletter (here). Join Annie on Twitter @GreenSoil, and Facebook (here).
If you own a small business – especially if you offer handmade products – and if you would like to be featured in The Creative Entrepreneur series, I would love to chat with you!
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