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Mountain Dulcimer

A month ago my husband popped a question out of the blue, “Would you be interested in playing any musical instruments?” I didn’t hesitate, “Oh yes, I would!” He was taken aback.  He really shouldn’t have been.

He didn’t know that in the 1960’s I wore my father’s acoustical guitar out while he was in Viet Nam.  My father had barely played it.  He had also put up a few self-learning music books.  Some practices later – I never learned how to strum the guitar, and found that my fingers were too small for the chords, but I could pick a very simple melody.  At the same time, I had a small child’s electric organ.  It was large enough to sit a bench.  I also learned notes, chords, and some tunes on it as well.  I taped music, on reel to reel tapes, and mailed them to my father.

So, back to the present.  I replied to my husband, “I want to play the dulcimer!” He didn’t know what a dulcimer was.  Actually, a lot of folks do not know what one is.

Off we went in search of a dulcimer.  It wasn’t too difficult.  We do reside in an Appalachian county in Ohio.  I did not make the connection, though.  We quickly found out that there is a “Mountain Dulcimer” and a “Hammered Dulcimer.”  They are very smiliar sounding instructions, but are played in totally different manners.  It was the Mountain Dulcimer that I wanted.

After a month, and with the help of 4 dulcimer books, I am picking and strumming a few songs.  The one I wanted to play for you tonight is Away In The Manger.  Fitting for 9 days before Christmas.  But I do not quite get the chords right (yet).  So, instead, you are going to hear an old piece called Boil That Cabbage Down.

You will need Windows Media Player, click here:  Dulcimer Practice 12-11

I am learning Ode to Joy, which I treasure! I hope to record it on a video soon!

Okay, so, I give my husband so much credit for listening to me practice.  He says he loves it.  I am glad.  I love it too.  My thoughts were, this could be like the child learning the tuba in his/her bedroom.  With the parents in the next room covering their ears!

Love the humor…life is good!

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