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Lamb's Ear

Today I come to you with a photo of two sadly neglected plants.  Neglected before they were given the opportunity to be planted in soil.

Yes, I did it (or didn’t do it). 

I purchased two Lamb’s Ear plants (Latin name Stachys byzantina).  I have always admired Lamb’s Ear.  I love the fuzzy fine “fur” on the leaves.  I also love how they bloom and spread.

What did I do to neglet the plants so badly? I set the newly purchased pots on my back porch and did not plant them.  I kept watering them.  I kept watch over them.  But I never could find a place to set them in the soil until today.  I figured I had better do the deed before I killed them altogether. 

We have had a lot of rain.  What is normally soil that is easy to rake is saturated, almost like clay.

I have a plastic tag that came with the plants.  It says they like full sun, and to plant them 12″ apart.  Ooops…they are planted side by side.  Nothing like planting first and then reading.

What I like best about tending to any new plant, is learning from the “experts.”  Hearing from folks that have grown a particular plant.  Folks that know how to divide them, what type of sun they like, how often they like to be watered.  That is you, hopefully.

I think the Lamb’s Ear plants are salvageable.  I can even see them being moved in the future.

I hope you say the same.  Any experience with Lamb’s Ear?

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