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Google Rankings

I have to throw this in…I have to!! I have worked so hard on my website. I have NO idea what I am doing, but I do it…whatever IT is!!! I started out on page 9 with the Google search, then 19, then 25, then I started moving up. Today, when I did a search on goat milk soap, I found Annie’s Goat Hill on page 1 of the Google search! Big sigh…it has been a lot of hard work, and I am going to have to work even harder to keep the search engines happy!!! Thank you to everyone that has helped me with links, linking back, etc…, thank you to everyone for your support.

I received an email yesterday from a client that melted my heart. She said, “It is so refreshing to actually be doing business with a real person.” She told me that my soaps are helping her skin, her children’s skin, and even her grandchildren. My heart is filled with joy. Why? Because there is nothing more important to me than to hear words of happiness. I want to make a difference. Everything else falls into place later.

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