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Talking about inner beauty…I lack in trust when it comes to a huge company promoting real beauty. I am hoping the young ladies in the short videos said what they meant, and not what they were told to say http://campaignforrealbeauty.com .  What is your opinion?

I hope you can click and watch this one as well…evolution of a “beautiful” woman?

I should read more and then decide my own thoughts on the motives.  But…then…does it really matter? Their campaign is a positive movement, regardless.

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The older I get, the less concern I put on outward appearance. 

Sure…I leave the house in clean clothes, hair brushed, teeth brushed, no goat berries stuck to my shoes.  But the days of caking on make up just to buy a loaf of bread are gone.  Thank heavens!

One of the first things I learned about my husband, and it was something I really did not understand at that time, was that he wanted me to “just be comfortable.”  He wanted me to feel good and be happy.   Thank you!

Make up, nice clothes, fancy shoes, and whatever else a person can adorn themselves with are nice, and I love them from time to time too, but they are not any of my necessities.

I love it that I now appreciate a real person more, a person that can just be themselves.  Isn’t it fantastic when the true beauty of a person beams outwards? It might be their eyes, or their hair, their mannerisms, or the things that they say.  But the bottom line, the truest of all beauty, is what comes from the soul, the very inner core of the person…a solidly genuine person.

Women, and younger girls especially (and sometimes men), are subjected to the constant influx of images that depict perfect bodies, perfect hair and make up, and many images depicting popular vulgarity (in my opinion).  I try to be as healthy as possible, and yes, attractive too, but guess what? I can let the gray come in.  Look at an aging women that allows her true beauty to shine, she can really be appreciated! She is confident just to be who she is.  She isn’t hiding behind any coverage, coverage that says, “I no longer love myself,” or worse, “I am not good enough.”  Oh yes, you are! You are what God designed you to be.

The obsession with looking perfect started at the beginning of time…there is nothing new under the sun.  Right? But I hope you young ladies out there do not take 40, or even 50 years, to realize you are beautiful, because you are human!

How do you feel about it? How do you teach the young women to feel about themselves? What should we be teaching young men about real beauty?

The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.  1 Samuel 16:7

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