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The librarian called to tell me the book I had ordered was in.  After reading the title she giggled and said, “You know, I do not think I will ever know what really motivates me.”  I roared with laughter.  It was how she said it!

Then I thought about it.

What does motivate me?

Accomplishing things, ending the day with progress.  People, knowing that others are doing well, happy.  My faith, very much keeps me centered.  And quiet times are motivating as well.

What motivates you?

I do not get de-motivated often.  I think the worst for me is being misunderstood badly.  That is the only thing that I can recall that causes the train engine to come to a smashing halt. 

What about you?

Speaking of motivation, another blog post, another day, motivating others is very difficult when you do not know what makes a person tick.  I really do hold a fondness for self-motivation in individuals.

Now, how to motivate my physically tired body to make soap today! Ha! I need to ponder that idea.

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