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One simple word wraps up how I feel – disappointed.

Have you ever experienced a rash of one type of  human behavior, which has left you feeling not so settled?

In short (just a few examples) –

  • The business man bends the truth to ensure his customer does not disrupt his day with additional phone calls.  The deal was done, the sale was already made – paid for, so why did he need to act with integrity now? When his truth-bending came back to him, he told stories to his own superior to cover his tracks.  Who did it hurt? Not him.  It hurt his clients, and it hurt those that ultimately dealt with his clients.
  • The young woman is asked how did her signature appear on a document that she “knew nothing about.”  She then tells the story, “That woman made me sign those papers but would not explain what it was about.”  Who did she hurt? Not herself.  Did she hurt our business-colleague, the one that always so carefully helps everyone (explaining everything in detail)?
  • A women openly reported, “They are lousy business-people.  They do nothing for you.”  In actuality, the service that she received went well beyond what is normally given.  The dedication to her happiness was exceptional.   She went on to tell stories of how mis-treated she was.  Who did she hurt? Not herself.  Perhaps she could hurt the “lousy” business-people if she were to continue to spread her own unhappiness. 

The truth is, in all 3 of these cases, these people did hurt themselves. 

The phrase, “The truth will set you free,” rang like a huge bell in my mind as I rummaged through the trough of non-truths.  Trying to not judge.  Hoping to shed the weight from my own disappointed shoulders. 

The truth will set you free.  Like simple math:  1) In order to be trusted, you are to be honest.  2) Not only tell the truth, but also admit to mistakes.  3) Never, ever, use another human being to mask your own weaknesses – admit to being less than perfect. 

When a person accepts the responsibility of truthfulness they no longer need to lug around a broom and a dust pan to clean up the dirt they leave in their wake.  They are set free.

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