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I have been MIA (missing in action) from this blog, soap-making, and social media in general.  This afternoon I felt like I emerged from a deep tunnel.  The sun is shining and I am ready to move forward with whatever life brings next!

My husband and I finished the MSF (Motorcyle Safety Foundation) course today.  We attended 16 hours, 4 of which were conducted in a class-room.   The 50 question test was difficult, but somehow I aced it.  Wow, did that feel great! I am grateful for my husband, my best friend.  He has been a huge support.  We both earned our motorcycle endorsements today.

I am not here to talk about motorcycles and licenses, though.  I am chatting about learning. 

Can learning new things can be addictive? Perhaps learning is a self-confidence booster.   Has anyone been told they cannot do something, or perhaps you have told yourself that you cannot do something, then you prove them (or yourself) wrong? Yes! On the other hand, quite simply, perhaps learning is simply something that benefits us and others, which is learning for all of the right reasons. 

I am considering additional courses, such as, HTML, herbal, or a second aromatherapy course.  All three would be beneficial to my small business.   I keep thinking the more we work the brain the less chance we have of it going bad.  The same goes for our bodies, and I am on that route next!

Until the decision is made, which course I will take, I must knock out the completion of the new website (my goal is 9/1/2010), and I am going to return to making soap like mad! I have several new scents for the fall and winter season that I am excited to add to the Annie’s Goat Hill collection. 

I am elated to be back on the bandwagon, here!

If you have any book, course, or related study suggestions, I would love to hear about them! There is nothing better than word-of-mouth recommendations from friends.

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