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Today, as I sat across the desk from a small business owner, my heart and eyes were opened to a new level.  It was truly an inspirational meeting.

The business owner relies solely upon sales of used manufactured homes to make a living. 

Many years ago, when she decided to begin her business, she was blessed with a banker that took her down-payment, yet had enough faith in her to give the money back so she could purchase homes in which to start.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye she refurbished several homes and was making sales.  She also was able to hire a man who had hit rock bottom, who needed work in the worst sort of way.  He became her right arm, very dedicated and loyal.

As our conversation carried forward, she began to tell me about her customers.  She said each one comes in with a different story.  Many of the customers are on a bumpy road.  Some have recently lost loved ones, some are ill, and some have had financial difficulties due to the economy.  My heart went out as she recited a hand-full of hard luck stories.  I could see the passion in her eyes. 

She then told me about her revelation, after being in business for several years, “It is my ministry!”  Her statement touched me to the extent that I jumped up and grabbed a tissue out of the box on her desk.  As I quickly pulled the tissue from the box the last one came flying out into the empty chair across from me.  I sobbed and laughed at the same time, as I stuffed the last tissue back into the box (realizing mine was probably not the first heart that she had touched.)  I smiled as I dabbed my eyes,  “You are going to have to buy more tissues!” She replied, ” Oh, don’t you worry, I have a LOT of them in the closet.”  I bet she does.

She went on to further explain her “ministry.”  She listens.  She helps people find a home, their home, the one that suits their needs.  She also helps others by providing jobs. 

She finds it very satisfying. 

It isn’t about sales.  And a lot of it is squarely rooted in faith.  She is so subtle about it.  I am in awe, and I did not hesitate to tell her so!

“Build it and they will come,” really does ring a bell here.  It isn’t about hoards of people knocking at your store door, wanting to spend their money on your product.  It isn’t about how many times you have appeared on Twitter, or Facebook, in the local newspaper, or whether there have been rave reviews of your product.  Yes, those things are important, to one degree…in another light.  The true reflection, however, is your inner-self.  The solid structure that you have “built” reflects your design in life, who you work for-who you serve, and what you serve.  It really is that simple. 

I am inspired!

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