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A few days ago I stared at my ragged dish cloths and contemplated purchasing new ones. I realized that I did not want just any “plain old” dish cloth. I wanted a product that was handmade, all cotton, and durable.

I ended up making the natural dish cloth that I wanted – just one so far. All it took was a few minutes short of an hour and the opening up of my memory banks. The real plus is that I didn’t have to pay someone to crochet the cloth for me.

For those of you that make handcrafted soap, or even those that have a back-to-basic creative yearning in life, I can guarantee you these are easy to make. And if you aren’t so perfect with a crochet hook who really cares?! We’ll just call it au’ abiance! Right?

Pssst…inside the paper wrapper are simple instructions.  All you need to do is learn how to crochet a chain, and single and double crochets.

Another pssst…I can see these as a colorful addition, in the right pattern and yarn hues,  to a gift set.

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