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I recently was asked, and often am, “Is your lotion really made from scratch?” The brain cells began turning like tiny gears.  Oh, how I love questions!

So, what really is the meaning of made from scratch (in relation to a soap or cosmetic business)? I feel it is the act of taking base ingredients (single oils, butters, fragrances, sodium hydroxide, milk etc…), combining them in a fashion that formulates a finished product, such as soap or lotion.

At one time, I got squeamish at the term made from scratch.  For some reason it seemed a bit crafty, leaning towards the hobby side, however, we know the gold of it is when “made from scratch” equates to a product that emerges from the handcrafted mixing of single-base ingredients, resulting in products chock full of  those skin-loving ingredients.

Handcrafted and made from scratch.  Basic in the sense that it is wholesome, from the beginning.  Complicated in the fact that it takes work and effort to turn out a really good product from a combination of single ingredients that we all appreciate using.

When someone asks, “Are your products really made from scratch?” Stand tall to the value!  I definitely know our products are made from scratch.  Definitely produced in our own studio, from base oils that are carefully hand-chosen, and from milk that I produce on the farm myself (with the help of my lovely goats).

With that being said, let’s give a huge thumb’s up to MADE FROM SCRATCH!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Feel and Smell the Goodness!

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