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Goat Milk Soap

There are a variety of ways to save when shopping in the Annie’s Goat Hill goat milk soap store.

  • There are bargain basement “2nds”  in the back of the soap store!  Why (“Y”) a sale? Normally these soaps are smaller (3.0-3.75 oz), some have faded scent, not as pretty, but perfectly good goat milk soaps! Good for the budget-minded.  Each product description clearly explains why the product is discounted.
  • A 5-bar volume discount is also available.  The soaps are not “2nds,” however, they may range 3.5-4.25 ounces.  $17.00 plus shipping is a great deal for 5 bars of skin loving goat milk soap.  The bars are your choice of soaps.  You may order more than one 5-bar set. 
  • Goat milk soap by the log.  The log is sent to you after it cures (3-4 weeks).  You slice off whatever you want, whenever you want, for whomever you want.  A great discount at 58.00 (plus shipping) for 5+ pounds of soap!

Thank you to my customers for asking such thought filled questions! I love to answer you here.  You never know when someone might be wanting to ask the very same question!

Now…for a brief word on discounts.  We are living in a tough economy, but I do not believe in marking down products just to get them sold.  I know you would rather receive the value of the products and services you pay for rather than money back in your pocket.  Money back in your pocket is nothing when it equates to poor quality! For the sake of doing great business, and because I remember when I purchased hand-crafted soaps by the numbers, volume discounts are perfectly in line with my way of thinking!


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Please, do not purchase goat milk soap…unless you try handcrafted goat milk soap first!

Have you ever tried handcrafted goat milk soap? If you have, you know the luxury of a good bar of soap. 

Goat milk soap is gentle, with a soft silky lather that pampers the skin. 

Goat Milk Soap

There are a lot of goat milk soaps on the market.  Try going a Google search.  You will find an amazing number of goat milk soap makers!  What I have found, however, by trying the soap myself, is that some larger producers sell goat milk soap that has more of a processed feel than the average handcrafted bar of goat milk soap. 

I am not into knocking competition.  In fact, I love seeing the varieties of soaps, creams, scrubs, and other cosmetic products! Most soapers are very much protective of their own product. There isn’t one I do not want to see succeed.  Soap crafters seek and expect good results! They make their products gingerly, in small batches, using the utmost care.  I support small business, especially the soap and cosmetic businesses!

The only thing I ask is…when you purchase soap, spend your money carefully.  Watch the mass-produced cosmetic companies that stake a claim on goat milk soap.  In my humble opinion, their soap is simply not the same.

I am jumping off my soap box again (for now)!

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Confetti Soap

Handcrafted Confetti Soap

I have been having fun with soap bases.  What are soap bases? Ready made soap.  The crafter cuts and melts the soap, adds their own touches, and pours the soap into a mold(s).  Shortly thereafter bars of soap are ready to use.
Honestly, I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the idea that I am experimenting with “melt and pour” soap.  I treasure the idea of making goat milk soap from scratch, watching it transition from a harsh formula, to one that is so mild and beautiful on the curing rack.  Crafting soap the old-fashioned way.  I will not be giving that up.
So, why am I working with a pre-made base? First, to create affordable soaps, focused on the holidays.  Secondly, for the fun creativity.
The confetti bar is an excellent quality shea butter soap (unscented) embedded with goat milk soap chips (cherries and berries, lemongrass poppyseed, and a touch of peppermint and juniper grass).  The soap lathers well and smells terrific.  The scent does not pop out at the first sniff.  Start lathering, the terrific scent is released! And it is pretty!
I have been testing the confetti bars.   My main concern was that the chips would loosen from the bar of soap.  Test results:  the goat milk soap chips remain embedded in the soap as the bar is being used.  Yes!
Additional photos of handcrafted soaps (soaps to be added to my online store by the end of this week):  
Handcrafted Soap

Handcrafted Soap (Confetti, Tangerine Grapefruit, Tutti Fruity)

It has been busy on our farm.  I am happily stirring up goat milk soap in the shop.  And, my husband and I continue building the base for a small business that will utilize his hard-earned skills.  For very brief moments I have felt weary, but…I take a deep breath, appreciate life, relax the shoulders, ease the facial muscles…and…find that life is beautiful, such a gift! I love it.  We are blessed.

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind  your own business, and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of  outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.   1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

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