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The local postal carriers are used to picking up many packages from my home, but seldom do they deliver one to me.

Yesterday, as my husband retrieved the mail from the box, I saw a familiar package.  My first thought was, “Why was it returned? Did I not calculate the postage correctly?”

The package had not been returned at all.  In fact, it was addressed to me, from a wonderful customer.

Susanne B., a thoughtful warm person from South Carolina, surprised me with these beautiful hand-made gifts.  And I cherish them!

I actually had been wanting to try some hand crocheted or knitted wash (or dish) clothes.  Now I have 6 beautiful ones.  They are soft, delicate, yet sturdy.  And the neck scarf is gorgeous! Susanne stitched a “Hand-made by Susanne” tag inside the scarf.  Absolutely fantastic!

I cannot thank you enough, Susanne. 

I couldn’t wait to make an announcement of the surprise package here!

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