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We were in a hardware store today, being helped by a cheery associate.  I felt as if I would rather be home, sleeping, which is something I seldom do during the daytime hours.

As I thanked the employee for her assistance she said something about how much better we would all feel if the sun would shine.

It dawned on me – I was dragging along.  Tired of the overcast skies, the frequent snows, the fog, the slush.  The cold.  The damp.

I began to look around me.  Everyone looked rather under-the-rug. 

Doesn’t this dark season drag on?

If Mr. Groundhog reports 6 more weeks of winter next week, I’ll take it.  We’re on the better end of the calendar now…on our way back to feeling the warmth of sunshine.  Can you just smell the ground warming up now? No more winter doldrums!

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