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Excerpt from an article that I read this week:  In the U.S., 32 percent of the waste we produce is a form of packaging.  http://tiny.cc/cYI9w
We are all responsible, and I wish we were all responsible. 
To assist with the green effort, and with keeping my company products and operations as basic as possible, shipping and packaging includes:
– Kraft paper soap boxes, biodegradable.  Hand stamped with the company logo (the goat in the logo is from Annie’s Goat Hill, a pen and ink drawn up by a wonderful artist).
– Shredded newspaper (mainly from the thousands of sale adds that seem to inundate us each and every day) – provides a wonderful cushion to products.  Shredding the paper, long ways, seems to require even less packaging. 
– Cellophane bags that enclose the products, keeping the shredded paper out.  The bags are bio-degradable.
– Wooden crates (mainly sold in craft stores) containing gift sets, constructed by my husband from reclaimed wood.  Much of the wood comes from quality pine pallets that we pick up (free for the taking).  Some of the wood used for the crates comes from old barn siding and materials from dismantled older buildings.
– Cardboard boxes are reused for shipping if they are in decent shape, however, I do prefer the USPS Priority boxes because #1, they come to me free, #2, they are of sound quality.  I have not checked yet, I hope the boxes are a product from green efforts as well.
– Simple, basic packaging.  Nothing junky, clunky, yet allows the quality of the product to shine through.
– Natural and scrap materials are used for the bag ties. 
If it can be reused in taste, I do so! Good basic soap…and good common green sense.  It is a start!

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