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Have you noticed? Goats are all the rave.

Goats are:

  • Small livestock (suitable for smaller farms)
  • Provide milk, fiber, and meat (great for small business)
  • Entertaining
  • Intelligent

Goats, like any livestock, can be expensive and difficult to care for.

Before you purchase goats, educate yourself. Read. Absorb as much as you can from books, watch videos, attend in-person classes and conferences, and communicate with other goat owners.

Research your local veterinarian and make sure he/she is educated in goat wellness care, preventive maintenance, and treatment.

Online social forums are also a great place to learn about goats, but I warn you, these can be political areas so keep an open mind. Learn what you can based on your own common sense.

I grieve when I receive an email that says, “I gave my goat an aspirin at midnight,” or, “I’ve given Pepto-Bismol three days ago and now my goat cannot walk.” I find myself riding to work and I open my email to read that a goat is down, and I can do very little from there. Please read the health care posts that I’ve written on this blog, or purchase my book (which covers most goat ailments), better yet, purchase as many books as you can on this topic.

I avoided giving exact dosages for treatments in my book because here is the main scope of my blog post today, I encourage you to go after your dreams, own your goats, you will love them, but seek your veterinarian out when the going gets rough, and it will get tough. You will need assistance from someone who knows what they are doing, until you know what you are doing. Even when you are experienced, things happen.

Happy goating! I hope to hear your lovely goat farming stories! Reach for  your dreams!

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