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Annie's Goat Milk Soap Love Basket

One of my goals in 2010 is to offer more gift sets, new products, and to bring in the candles that I have been talking about for much too long!  I am excited to begin meeting goals with the announcement of a new gift basket!

The Annie’s Goat Milk Soap Love Basket is filled with luscious items that can help transform a bath into a spa experience!  The products are scented with the beautiful Annie’s Love fragrance (similar to Victoria’s Secret Love Spell). 

Included in the gift basket:

  • sugar scrub (with sweet almond oil, vitamin e and evening primrose oil) 6 oz.
  • fizzy mineral salts for the bath 10 oz.
  • goat milk lotion 4 oz.
  • goat milk soap approx 4.25 oz.
  • soy votive candle

Have you ever used a sugar scrub? A sugar scrub is wonderful for the rough areas of the body that suffer from the elements of winter.  I use it anywhere on the body that needs a boost from gentle exfoliation (to slough off dry dead skin).  I occasionally use the scrub on my face.  But, I recommend going very gentle with a facial scrub.  Facial skin is much more delicate than skin further down the body!

A gift card is available, as well as drop-shipment for gift sending.  The gift set will be shrink wrapped, ensuring the basket arrives in excellent condition.

The basket itself is very attractive, with a removable liner.

The Annie’s Goat Milk Love Basket is now listed in my goat milk soap store.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

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