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Goat Milk Shampoo Bars

We drink goat milk. We eat goat milk cheese, and wow, it is a popular item right now! We bathe with goat milk (soap).  Why not wash our hair with goat milk (shampoo)?

Here is where I am at in the journey with goat milk shampoo bars:

In the past I made a test batch of shampoo bars that left my hair with a sticky, stripped feel.  The hair did feel clean after it dried, however, it felt dirty and heavy after a mere 1/2 a day.  Not desirable!   

Last month I returned to testing goat milk shampoo bars.  I left out one key base oil.  Why? I did not trust it and worked the formula to use the oils that I already had on hand.  Results:  my hair felt clean, and seemed to have more body.  My scalp and hair did not feel dry, and my itchy scalp stopped, however, I normally do not use conditioner, and with the shampoo bars I did apply a touch of conditioner to the very ends of my mid-length hair.  Using a shampoo without waxes, detergents, or man-man chemicals for body or luster, leaves the hair in a more natural state.  Be prepared to know your “real” hair!

What you are seeing in the photo above are the shampoo bars that I cut today.  I used all of the oils that I could have used to make a conditioning and thick lathering soap.  I definitely can tell the bars are richer at this early stage of the game, 48 hours after making the soap.  The shampoo bars will need to cure for at least 6 weeks, for hardness.   I will test them at 4 weeks for cleansing and conditioning properties. 

Most shampoo bars include distilled water, why not goat milk? It works so beautifully in bath and facial soap. 

More of this digest will follow, I am excited.

As my dad always said, “We shall see!”

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