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Breaking Down Goat Milk – Unit #1 – Caprylic Acid

In personal care products and soaps there are many different types of “acids” that can be included that are good for the health of a person’s skin, one of which is caprylic acid. 

What is caprylic acid?

Caprylic acid is a fatty acid found in the milk of many mammals.  It can also be found in coconut and palm kernel oil.  Caprylic acid is very easily digested and absorbed.

Caprylic acid, along with caproi and capric (all named after goats), total 15% in goat milk fat.  For comparison purposes, cow’s milk contains 7%.

What is a fatty acid?

In easy (non-chemistry) terms, a fatty acid is a major component of fats that is used by the body for energy and tissue development (skin being of great importance), a major component of cellular lipids (lipids are fats that are very important to our bodies – they can help lubricate the joints, boost brain function, and promote vitamin absorption). 

A body cannot generate its own fatty acids, they must be ingested via nutrition or a supplement. 

Note:  As we researched caprylic acid we were surprised by the mass availability of it in supplement form.  It is used by many, even to fight off certain infections.  It makes the brain churn a bit more, one more thumb’s up for goat milk!

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