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An average day on the farm begins with computer work before daybreak, feeding and milking at daybreak, and then the day moves on to whatever is electronically scheduled (soap/lotion production, packaging, and anything else – what really soaks up the time – involving the “real” nitty-gritty operating of a business).  The day ends with another feeding and milking, and additional computer work, planning for the next day, or week, or month.

I have learned to pare down products to manageable numbers (the base soap list, the base lotion scents), and now I am learning to do the same with the goats.  The difference is, though, a pair of eyes, a history, a relationship, and some warm-air-breathing enjoyment coming from my lifetime passion – animals.

But, here is the scoop.  Goat overhead is also a big part of my business.  I must be careful.  I feed.  I fill the water buckets.  I become the resident vet.  And time is money.  The balance to that is, I raise goats so other people can enjoy them.  This is where my heart is finally trained to set aside the attachment.  I make my life and pocketbook easier to manage, and I add happiness to someone else’s life (and possibly a business if they so choose).

There you have it.  Another solid business decision made.  I am slow at these things, I will admit.  The heart has had to toughen up.  It has been a work in progress.

The motto on the farm:  keep one, sell one (goat).  Keep a soap type (discontinue a soap type).  It is all manageable.  It is all good.  It is smart.

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