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Yep, the freezers are emptying quickly.

The photo above shows the two top shelves of the commercial freezer in my shop.  We also have a freezer in our laundry room, one in the barn, and one 1/2 full at a friend’s house.  All are empty except for the freezer at the friend’s house. 

One small goat kid can consume 4-20 ounces bottles of milk a day.  Multiply 80 ounces a day by 10 kids (give or take) and the freezer doesn’t stay full long!

Remember the goat milk transportation going on a year or so ago (here)? There will be no need for it this season. 

Cleaning the freezers will now be a breeze…that is a plus!

Milk replacer is now being introduced at a ration of  1/2 milk replacer/water, 1/2 milk.

And there is still enough fresh milk for soap and lotion, barely. 

The kids are certainly a lot of fun.  They are a lot of work.  And I do enjoy them while they are little.  They do not stay that way long.  They are a blessing.

You might ask, why bottle kids? Sometimes unplanned things happen.  I had a lot of triplets this year, for starters, the third in a set just do not get fed well, and sometimes the third is a weaker kid.  Other factors were involved as well.  Just call me the Goat Milk Bottle Queen.  It seems to be my job each spring.

Have a beautiful day!

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