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According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of success is “favorable result, gain.”

Few words, says a lot.

If I based my personal definition of success on the numerous pokes I receive daily to “get rich quick,” “work from home and make millions,” “overnight success guaranteed,” I would say success is defined by how much money we earn, and how quickly it is acquired.

If success is based on the money we earn, does it not require hard work?

A chunk of reality – if success is based on our relationships in life, does it not require caring about people?

Perhaps…just perhaps…we can throw our own the message right back at the pushers, “I got rich today!” Stun them, make them ask how we did it.  The answer would be, “Because I treasure people and I worked hard to make a difference!”

There…isn’t that real success? After all, Webster’s definition is “favorable result.”

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