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I received an outstanding question from a new customer, “Are your lotions unscented or fragrance free?”

I have always considered unscented and fragrance free to be one in the same.

This is the reason I love questions.  Questions are informative to myself and my business, and the person that asks the questions always learns.

The customer explained that many products on the market are listed as fragrance free but actually have a fragrance or chemical added to eliminate the naturally occurring odor of the ingredients themselves.

My fragrance free goat milk lotions are unscented.

I do not attempt to mask the naturally occurring scent of the ingredients in my fragrance free (no fragrance added) goat milk lotions.  For example, shea butter (unrefined and as organic as possible) has a particular natural odor that can make its way through a product.  Shea butter is so very beneficial.  I do not try to cover it up.  The statement, “It is what it is,” applies very well here.

As always, I appreciate your outstanding questions!

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