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Farm scenario:  Look into the goat pasture and see 1) remnants of a feed sack (oh no, I didn’t shut the feed room gate last night), 2) a dead goat (I hope not), 3) a sleeping guard dog.

You may raise livestock or other farm animals, and if you do, you are going to totally understand where I am coming from with this.  A person would only hope that they would get used to this phenomena, but I am now thinking that it will never happen, at least not as long as I care for animals.

Our LGD (livestock guard dog) is a Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, and something else, mix.  He is a fantastic guard dog, so fantastic that he barks at moving clouds in the night sky (so we think).  He appears to be awake all night, on supreme active duty.

When morning comes, the guard dog goes flat.  I mean, absolutely flush to the ground flat.  Despite my efforts to not have a heart attack, it can be startling.

Once I see his Royal Flatness horizontally deflated, unless I see buzzards flying overhead, or until I get closer to see the rise and fall of his chest – which is slight in his deep sleep, I do not know if he is dead or alive.

Is this my pay-back for penning him, the then young guard dog, in with the dams (mother goats) that had the strongest maternal instincts, in an effort to train him to not playfully nip at the kid goat’s legs?

Have your nap, Caleb, I’ll now reach for the cup of herbal tea to retrieve a renewed calm to my blissful morning.

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