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Guess what caught me by surprise? The ripening of the apples!

It is mid-September, apples should be of no surprise.  We are also having cool, crisp nights with little breezes that hint at autumn.  So, why not?

Our wild goose family made an appearance on the pond this morning.  They had been gone for over a month.  As I watched them splash and play I realized I had better pick some of the apples before there were no more pickens’ remaining! The geese love apples. 

We have another apple tree above the pond that produces golden delicious apples.  I never get to them before they ripen.  They are ready earlier in the season, when the geese and their young are still on the pond each and every day.

I do not know the variety of the apples I picked today.  They are very crisp and tart.  They aren’t the prettiest apples in the world, but let me tell you, they make absolutely wonderful pies. 

Are you ready for fall?

I think I’ll sit outside late this evening with a steamy cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet, the stars, and the coolness without the threat of mosquitos.  I would love to stretch this perfect time of year out a few more months!


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